Xbox has made some genius moves to get players into its gaming arena of late. Xbox Game Pass Remains Really Good, and Its Surprising Release hello infinityIn K multiplayer, everyone is talking and playing where Microsoft wants them to be.

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On top of that, Microsoft recently celebrated the Xbox’s 20th anniversary, and it celebrated it in a big way. In addition to adding an FPS boost to several older major titles, it also made 76 games from previous Xbox consoles backwards compatible with its current generation Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. There are a lot of shooters involved, including two with special mention.

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they are two games timesplitter 2 And Timesplitter: Future Perfect, the third game of the series. for the unknown, timesplitter was once a major first-person shooter series in its own right. The inclusion of these two games is undoubtedly welcome news for those who want to dust off their copies and re-live some old-school time-travel action. These games, as well as the announcement of backwards compatibility, may also help to assuage the sting of the six games that recently dropped Xbox Game Pass.

Timesplitter: Future Perfect Artwork

the basis that timesplitter The games were built on the novel at the time and were very solid: a shooter where players travel and level up in different time periods. Games are spiritual successors to classics like golden eye And perfect dark, sharing development personnel and basic design philosophy. As such, it’s hardly surprising that they were beloved by fans of those titles and helped carry their style of FPS gameplay to the original Xbox era, as was going on with innovators. aura To cement its place in the gaming scene. The news of backwards compatibility for the two sequels is the most welcome news for the series since the announcement. timesplitter 4,

While it’s unlikely that this backwards compatibility will introduce many new players to the games, there’s a very good chance it could ignite the spark of old fans’ love for the franchise. well they wanna check out fan-made timesplitter Title when it is released.

Still, games playable on more platforms are only a good thing for players, and that’s certainly the case here. Now players don’t have to buy Homefront: Revolution to play timesplitter 2, now they can just buy timesplitter 2 themselves, although they’ll need a digital copy for the new console.

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