Tinder is developing a feature called ‘Swipe Party’ that invites friends to join your swiping sessions

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Tinder confirmed that it is exploring the development of a new feature called Swipe Party that offers a way to sort through potential matches for a more social experience. According to a description seen in the code for the Tinder mobile app, Swipe Party requires access to the phone’s camera and microphone so that your friends can “see and hear you while you investigate possibilities.”

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This “Tinder with Friends”-style experience builds on an already popular offline activity. Today, friends often jointly decide together through the app which profile the Tinder account holder should try to match. In the case of Swipe Party, however, it looks like Tinder is looking to make it a virtual experience, where a user can invite a “guest” to join their swiping session to give their feedback remotely.

It follows a wider trend of co-browsing apps, as with Apple’s shareplay, or co-watching videos with friends, for example, enabled by the co-watching features of Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+. The trend was already growing in popularity, but was then fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing requirements.


The Swipe Party feature was first spotted in the code of the Tinder Android app by Dutch website free dating tips, then reblogged as rumor by outlets like pocket lint And PhoneArena,

Nerdshala later confirmed that the Tinder app for iOS also contained references to Swipe Party, according to an analysis by tech analyst Steve Moser. (see picture below).

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image credit Above: Tinder Android App Code free dating tips (Opens in a new window)

image credit Above: Tinder iOS App Code by Steve Moser

As per the code snippet, Swipe Party will see Tinder users inviting friends to join Swipe sessions. These friends will create a guest account on Tinder by providing their phone number, verifying it with a code, then entering their name and date of birth before joining the “party”.

While tech companies regularly build, test, and experiment with new features—many of which are never released to the wider public—what makes Swipe Party’s existence all the more interesting is that it offers more audio and video features. How Tinder joins parent company Match’s bigger plans to bring video. Experience your line of dating apps.

The company said last August that it planned to introduce audio and video chat features, including group live video, to its dating app portfolio over the next 12 to 24 months. That means we’ll see some of these additions start showing up later this year. Match said these new features will be powered by innovations from Korean social networking company and app maker Hyperconnect, which has become Match’s biggest acquisition to date for $1.73 billion. It’s unclear whether Swipe Party belongs to that specific roadmap, which also includes plans for some kind of dating “metaverse” with a virtual goods-based economy.

But the feature fits in with Tinder’s recent efforts to become a more interactive and social app, rather than just a place for swiping profiles.

Last year, Tinder took its first big step on that front with the launch of a new section in its app called “Explore,” where it now highlights interactive elements of the app. This includes the interactive video series Swipe Night, interest-based matching, lightweight chat, and more.

Tinder confirmed the development of Swipe Party, but declined to share further details about the project.

When asked about Swipe Party and its functionality, a company spokesperson told Nerdshala, “We’re always exploring features to help our members connect in new, fun ways.”

Elsewhere in the Match Group portfolio, the company has also experimented with letting friends play matchmakers. Its dating app Ship lets friends join group chats about dating possibilities, but it was text-based chat and not video or audio.

This also wouldn’t be the first time Tinder has experimented with some kind of social video in its app.

The company first tested, then abandoned, a feature called “Tinder Mixer,” which offered users a way to play games and video chat with other people nearby. Tinder has also embraced video in other ways in recent years, including video profiles and one-to-one video calls. But to date, Tinder’s growth as a dating app has been limited by its nature — this means (generally speaking) only a subset of people will install the app and create profiles. Swipe Party can also allow people who are not Tinder users to try the app as well. And they don’t have to be single to do that.

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