Tips for managing growth across iOS updates

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“I have seen startups spend thousands of dollars inefficiently resulting in not having optimal signals in their paid acquisition campaigns. I have also spent millions at companies like Postmates, refining our signals to the best possible condition. ,” said growth marketer Jonathan Martinez in a guest column for Xtra Crunch this week. “I want every startup to avoid the painful mistake of not setting it up right, instead making the most of every significant advertising dollar. “

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Nerdshala team has been Busy This past week, disruption in particular next week and iOS 15’s release date is approaching quickly. If you haven’t already registered for disruption, it’s not too late to get a ticket. We’re excited for all sessions, which include the Extra Crunch phase, on Tuesday, September 21 from 2:05 pm to 2:45 pm on “The Subtle Challenges of Assessing Product-Market Fit.” As the marketing world went full steam last week, Martinez covered how to optimize Signal and Miranda Halpern spoke with CEO Vivek Sharma. movable ink About the impact of iOS 15 on email marketers. We also had guest posts from Brian D’Souza of Grammarly and Xiaoyun Tu of Brightpearl. More details below.

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Marketer: Andrew Race, Juice
recommended by: Orin Singh, merchant industry
Testimonial: “We were sent to juice by a family friend of the owner of my company and as a personal courtesy they said they were giving us their best boy. Naturally we thought that was what everyone said but they Not kidding. Andrew was singularly league above our previous marketing company. Being so knowledgeable and willing to learn a new industry proved to be a turning point for us.”

In Growth Marketing, Signal Determines Success: Learn from your mistakes Martinez, and share the lessons learned with us. From selecting Signal to how to enhance it, Martinez covers key aspects including how to take advantage of iOS 14. He adds, “So how do you stay ahead and continue to move the needle on your growth marketing campaigns? First and foremost, consistently question the events you’re optimizing for. And second, leave no stone unturned. Don’t leave.”

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Marketers should plan for more DIY metrics as iOS 15 approaches: The release of iOS 15 will change the playing field for marketers. They have to rely on metrics that use zero and first-party data, rather than relying on email open rates as the main metric. Miranda spoke with Sharma about how this release will impact the industry and what marketers should focus on. Sharma has a tip, “Focus on down funnel metrics like clicks and conversions – that’s what really comes down and it’s the truest indicator of engagement.”

(Extra Crunch) Demand Curve: How to Find Social Proof That Grows Your Startup: Nick Costello, Head of Content at Demand Curve, dives into social proof and how startups can use it to their advantage. On social proof, Costello says, “Have you ever stopped to check out a restaurant because it had a huge lineup in front of it? It wasn’t by chance. It’s common for restaurants to limit the size of their reception area. It forces people to wait outside, and the line signals to those passing by that the restaurant is so good it’s worth waiting.”

(Extra Crunch) 5 Things You Need to Win Your First Customer: D’Souza, Product Marketing Lead at Grammarly, tells us how to win your first customer. It includes explanations, how-tos, and practice use cases. Says D’Souza, “. . . ask any founder what really proves their startup has taken off, and they will almost immediately say that this is when they will win their first customer.”

(Extra Crunch) 4 Ways to Leverage ROAS for Triple Lead Generation: TU, Global Director of Demand Generation at BrightPearl, tells us about ways to use Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). “When you choose a return metric, you need to make sure it matches your company’s goal, without taking the age to get the data,” she says.

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