To accelerate growth early on, adopt a task-based approach to marketing.

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Jobs to be completed (JTBD) The approach provides a framework for identifying, classifying, capturing, and organizing all of your customer needs.

It teaches us to think about the needs of users and develop a product that meets these needs. The platform also allows us to communicate with the user through the lens of the tasks they want to complete and focus on developing features that match what they need.

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Here are three ways an early-stage startup can use the JTBD framework for marketing:

  • Get initial organic traffic for the site.
  • Increasing the conversion of information pages.
  • Increase the virality of the product.

How to use JTBD at an early stage of SAAS

The startup I’m building aims to develop an ecosystem of sales and accounting applications, each of which can solve a specific problem. These applications are built into the system so that customers can use other applications for related tasks.

For example, when a customer uses our billing app, we automatically pull income and receivables information into our personal finance app if they agree. And if the user needs to track their mileage in the future, they can simply download our Mileage Tracker app and all their information will be there.

We use the same approach to our marketing.

Optimize your site with JTBD keywords for SEO

To get traffic on a small budget, you must first analyze what your potential users need to do, find out how they are looking for ways to accomplish these tasks, and use these keywords on your website.

For example, instead of fighting for the SEO keyword “best biller” for our billing app, we could use more direct search terms like “blank printable bill” or “medical record invoice template” .

Using the JTBD search query framework, we assumed that many people want to find a template for an invoice for certain services, such as plumbing or medical records. All of these search terms are very similar, but that’s how people look for solutions.

Therefore, we created simple landing pages with invoice templates for different industries and tasks. We now have hundreds of these templates and they generate 80% of our new inbound traffic.

After doing this for six months, we saw:

  • 300,000 site views through search per month.
  • 25% conversion of incoming traffic into views of our templates.
  • Landing pages built with the JTBD framework resulted in over 15% of visitors signing up.

Search engine traffic to our templates is growing much faster than our blogs, as template pages perform well in terms of view time and on-page interactions.

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