Top EU China critic: German companies act as “lobbyists” for Beijing

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The leader of the first official delegation to the European Parliament in Taiwan says the EU is slowly waking up to the threat posed by the Chinese government – but by companies, especially in Germany, acting as “lobbyists” for Beijing prevented from doing so.

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Running news: Raphael Glucksmann, a French human rights activist who has become one of Europe’s most influential voices on China, told Nerdshala in an extensive interview that he is seeking to “break the taboos inside European institutions” on joining Taiwan. Used to be.

  • Glucksman, 42, shrugs off the notion that this month’s trip – which attracted a Stern warning from Beijing – was a “provocation” and argued that the EU’s strong support for Taiwan’s democracy would actually prevent China from launching an invasion.
  • “We must not be terrorized and paralyzed by the fear of the authoritarian regime’s reactions to our policies,” Gluxman insisted.

Flashback: Glucksman and four fellow European lawmakers were placed on Beijing’s sanctions blacklist in March for advocating for genocide in Xinjiang.

  • He told Nerdshala that as a human rights activist, he considers it a “medal of honor” to be accepted by “the worst human rights violator in the world”.
  • In response to the sanctions, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to halt the ratification of a major EU-China investment deal.
  • Glucksmann says the deal with China was a pivotal moment for EU relations, and there is “no chance” the deal will ever be passed. He is pushing for the EU to upgrade its trade ties with Taiwan in its place.

in an interview, Glucksmann warned that if the EU’s executive branch wanted to be “greasy on Taiwan”, the European Parliament would hold it accountable by refusing to ratify other trade priorities.

  • Glucksmann says a major obstacle to strong European action on China is Germany, where political leaders of the 1990s made big bets on economic ties with China and companies such as Volkswagen act as “ambassadors of Chinese interests”. does.
  • Negotiations are underway to form the next German government. Glucksmann hopes the presence of the Greens in the governing coalition will prompt Germany to adopt a more “principles-based approach” to China.

what to watch: Glucksmann said how the EU responds to China’s challenge will be a “litmus test” as to whether the bloc can be an “adult player” independent of the US: “If we don’t manage to get stronger in our ties with China.” If we do, it means that Europe will be vulnerable forever.”

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