Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch teased a month ago and no one even knew

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Good sign, Toyota. Great.

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The sneaky Toyota attacked all of us swiftly and completely got away with it. On October 26, the company posted a simple photo of the Corolla’s interior, titled “Keep them guessing…” Well, nobody guessed anything until last Tuesday, when the internet, specifically GR Corolla ForumSaw a second car in the frame: Long rumored and basically confirmed GR Corolla Hot Hatchback,


The car is really hard to see in the photo, but we can tell it’s camouflage as it rumbles down the dirt road. We should have known that the bearded man was watching Some And not just stare at the desert. Although the hot hatch is almost out of frame, that’s not the only thing Toyota has seen in the photo.

The time displayed reads “G:16”, possibly found in reference to the 1.6-litre turbo-three engine gr yariso Sold elsewhere in the world is named “G16E-GTS”. The navigation shown on the screen also shows the street name “GR Four”, which is another indication of Yaris’ all-wheel drive system. Most likely, Toyota will put the running gear of the GR Yaris on the Corolla to make this new hot hatchback, and that’s a good thing.

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Lastly, the climate controls show “2” on the left and “68” on the right. Taking this as an absolute number, this corresponds to the GR Yaris’ figure of 268 horsepower in Japan.

With all these little signs discovered, Toyota fans really have something special to look forward to with this car. GR Yaris has received good reviews from people across the globe. Given that we are no longer treated with Yaris in the US, a GR Corolla seems like just the ticket. Subaru WRX and WRX STI Company.

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