Toyota plans solid-state battery for 2025, but it won't be for an EV

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Toyota is one of several automakers and other companies chasing the holy grail of battery technologies: solid-state battery, We are going to see such batteries from the automaker by 2025, as commented by Gil Pratt, Toyota’s chief scientist and head of the Toyota Research Institute.


But Toyota isn’t planning on making an EV with a battery.

Instead, Pratt told AutoLine on Thursday that the company would switch the solid-state battery to a hybrid vehicle. Yes, solid-state batteries and internal-combustion engines are working together. It may seem counterintuitive, but Pratt said there’s a solid argument for it: Lithium-ion batteries aren’t a price parity With internal-combustion engines, let alone solid-state batteries. The thinking is to reap the benefits of such a battery, but combine it with hybrid technology to keep the price low on the production vehicle.

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In addition, the use of solid-state technology in hybrids will provide valuable insight into Toyota before using batteries in fully electric cars. Pratt replicated battery charge and discharge differently than lithium-ion batteries. Hybrids will provide a true test for the technology before the automaker goes too deep with solid-state battery-powered EVs. Toyota did not immediately return a request for comment on Pratt’s comment.

We shouldn’t see this as a super aggressive timetable for technology in the grand scheme of things. Solid-state batteries have eluded engineers for years and there’s no good way to get them into production on a large scale and at a reasonable cost. However, Toyota may be ready to change that by the middle of this decade.

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