What happened now? While we’re still waiting for many of the futuristic inventions seen in The Jetsons, including flying cars that aren’t just usable small planes, it seems like the family’s strange round house on stilts is a modern reality. out, and it just sold for $415,000.

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Located on the outskirts of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, the two-bedroom, three-bath home went on the market just two weeks ago and is now sold at asking price. The new owner said they plan to rent it out on Airbnb so you can live out your Jetsons fantasies at some point in the future.

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Other features of the home include an elevator that takes you up a 44-foot pipe to a 1,386-square-foot living space, a three-car garage, and a utility room. There’s also a 360-degree view of the Tulsa skyline, but unfortunately no Rosie the robot. As you can see in the TikTok video below, the place was a little repairable and was sold as is, but the seller describes it as an investment opportunity.

@nancydavis19 Unique find in Tulsa, Oklahoma! #realtor #tulsarieltor #talsa #space #UFO #jetson #exp #an experience #holloranhometeam ♬ Futuristic cool transformer (247721) – Kangaroo music

Tulsa World reports that the house was completed in 2005 by local resident Joe Dahmer — a German citizen who moved to Tulsa with his family under the Displaced Persons Act after World War II — with the help of Tulsa architect Jeremy Perkins. Dahmer lived in the house from its completion until 2012, when he sold it to a friend, the current seller.

Dahmer, who died in 2019 at the age of 78, came up with the idea to build the house decades before construction began in 2003. The inspiration was a postcard he had kept since 1965 of a similar house in Arizona.

The keeper notes that the architecture in both The Jetsons and the postcard is in the Googie style, named after a now-demolished West Hollywood coffee shop that originated in mid-20th century space age southern California.

Image credits: Ray Fetty/Contributed by Angela Barnett