Turkish tech publisher Webrazzi acquires Tech.eu, consolidating tech news across Europe

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web rocket, the main tech startup in Turkey has acquired the title Media Tech.eu, the longtime tech startup site in Europe. The combined entity of Webrazzi and Tech.eu will now offer a combined editorial, data and research platform offering news and market intelligence. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Launched in 2006 by holy prayer, Webrazzi reaches 1.25 million readers a month (15 million per year) and will now expand its European and English language reach with the Tech.eu acquisition.

Tech.eu was launched in 2013 by a former Nerdshala writer Robin Waters, and has now become one of many destinations for European tech startup and innovation news, but has faced competition from many other European-oriented outlets such as US Startupshandjob silicone canals, and the Financial Times supported sifted.eu. (Nerdshala’s European coverage began in 2006).


Its investors included 500 Startups, ADO Resi, Roxanne Varza, Daniel Waterhouse and Carlos Eduardo Espinal.

Watters explained that part of the impetus for the sale came from the desire for its own technology stack, custom CMS, bespoke software for managing native ad campaigns, and an events platform, which Webrazy has.

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Arda Kutsal, Founder and CEO of Webrazi, said: “We are excited to expand further into Europe by acquiring Tech.eu, which we have recognized as the best source of technology news and market data for many years. We are impressed by its achievements as well as its concrete plans for the future, and can’t wait to work closely with them to turn them into reality.”

Robin Watters, Founding Editor and Managing Director of Tech.eu, said: “I have long admired what Arda and her team have built, and I look forward to the knowledge and experience gained from building Tech.eu as a I am excited to bring the team to the Webrazzi family and see how far we can take our combined editorial platforms going forward. The European technology ecosystem is evolving at an incredible pace, and we look forward to seeing their futures under the Webrazzi umbrella. Can’t wait to continue covering and analyzing the ins and outs of K. I fully expect this to be more hard work and good fun!”

On a call with me he said: “We weren’t really looking to sell to anyone, but Arda had been in touch with us since 2014 when he wanted to invest in our seed round. That didn’t happen, but we kept in touch. , kept talking about each other’s business, and one thing gave birth to another, as they say.”

“We didn’t have a big sales team so it’s always very difficult for us to compete. What they bring to the table is, of course, a team of 25 people that we can tap into right away, so that’s music to my ears.” Was because it’s a very heavy competition not only on the media side but also on the data and events side.. This acquisition means more ability to accelerate what we want to do.

Did he find the European media landscape increasingly competitive?

“I think the competition is normal. If you see that the European tech ecosystem itself has evolved and matured, there are going to be many publications. I think we were early, maybe even a little early. But we did it earlier Made in a few years when it was relatively small. But it has now matured to a point where I feel that no single publication can do it justice anymore, so it is normal that there are many,” he said.

I asked if their investors pushed for an exit: “We picked up about seven years ago, well, so it’s not like we’re in constant contact with our investors like a VC would be with their portfolio companies. . It was like a bunch of angels supported us in the beginning. No one was really pushing for a sale because it’s not like we were looking to sell. Not even myself.”

On a call, Kutsal told me: “It’s exciting. We have been working on it for the last eight or nine months and the pandemic has made it difficult, but we managed to sign everything. I’ve always wanted to expand into different regions in Europe and at the end of 2020 I called Robin.

He said technology was a major factor in the deal: “We have a lot of technologies. We have our own CMS content management system, online event platform, our own native advertising solutions and all. At one point I realized that Robin’s Had a great team but didn’t have any technology of his own, so that was a major factor in the deal.”

The merged entity now plans to expand further into Europe, possibly Russia and the MENA region, he added.

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