TVs in 2022 look pretty exciting: A buyers guide

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it’s part of the story coming year, Nerdshala has an eye on how the world will continue to develop in 2022 and beyond.

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CES 2022 has come close, and important news about the new TVS is out of the bag. Most of the major TV makers have offered their biggest and best screens, talking about better picture quality and the like. HDMI 2.1, Mini LED And 8K resolution, Most will be familiar to TV buyers, while some that are really new, like QD-OLED, are mashups of existing words that still require lengthy explanation.

As Nerdshala’s resident TV critic, I can connect with you in many places Reading They Tall the explanation, but this article is not one of them. Instead you’ll get my best advice on what those new introductions mean and how, when and even If It’s worth buying a new TV. Let’s dive

Do you need a new TV in 2022?


Unless your current TV is broken, no you’re not. But if you want a TV in another room, or your current TV feels like it’s getting taller in the tooth, it’s worth it. screen is too small Or you want better picture quality or better Smart TV system, you can want to a new TV. And if you’ve saved a bunch of money to travel or work or eat out during the pandemic, you probably have a little extra to satisfy that desire.

Depending on how old your current TV is, a new model — whether it was released in the past year or a new TV announced at CES — could be a sweet upgrade You’ll appreciate it every time you watch.

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What is the best time of year to buy a TV?

starting in the fall, New models like the TVs introduced at CES 2022 appear in the spring and their prices are highest then. Significant discounts start in November and last through Black Friday and the holiday season. They’ll be affordable around the start of the new year after CES (ie now), and sometimes the Super Bowl in February has the best deals on last year’s TVs. Soon they will begin to disappear and will be replaced again by new models in the spring.

Buy the 2021 TV now or wait for the 2022 model?

It all depends on how long you can wait. If you want the latest and greatest technology, you’re probably already set on the 2022 model. But if you want the best value, without losing much, a better move is to buy the 2021 TVs now, before they disappear this spring and summer. A 2021 TV at a given size or price will typically have very similar picture quality and features compared to its 2022 counterpart.

If you can’t decide, and you’re in no rush, wait until fall to get the best prices on 2022 TVs.

Which new TVs and features stand out from CES 2022?

Here’s a short list of my favorites so far, based on prior experience and information provided by the manufacturer. Reminder: I personally didn’t attend and watch any of the shows, with the exception of LG.


The 42-inch LG C2 is the smallest OLED TV ever.

LG C2 OLED TV: As the successor to my Editors’ Choice TVs for the past two years, the latest version is the odds-on favorite to win again. The fact that it comes in a 42-inch size is great news for those who can’t fit larger OLEDs in their rooms, but I’m excited to see how much the price drops on the 77-inch version Will go

Sony X95K Mini-LED TV: Last year the Samsung QN90A earned my respect as the best high-end alternative to OLED, but Samsung hasn’t announced any specific 2022 QLED models yet, so this Sony is my pick for now. Sony has an excellent track record with full-array local dimming and is its least expensive model with Mini-LED. It won’t be cheap though.

QD-OLED: First Sony And samsung TVs with a new feature OLED Panel by Samsung Display are going to be expensive, and I probably wouldn’t recommend most people buying more-affordable OLEDs like the C2, but I can’t wait to see them in person.

Sony Remote Finder: This is not a reason to buy an expensive TV, but it is definitely a good one and I hope every TV manufacturer adopts it soon. This allows the remote to emit a sound so you can find it under the couch cushion or wherever you may have lost it.

samsung gaming hub: I’m not into cloud gaming, but I like the idea of ​​consolidating all game-related content in one place, including game mode settings and access to the console. There’s also the ability to split YouTube videos and your games at the same time. LG’s Game Optimizer was my favorite last year, and still offers more options, but so far Samsung’s gaming features feel easier to use.

samsung-gaming-hub-landing-page-cannot publish-in-stories-posting-after-jan-15

Samsung’s new Gaming Hub for 2022 TVs provides one-stop access to cloud and console games.

What else does a 2022 TV buyer need to know?

Basically, it’s early. CES is the beginning, not the end, of what we know about new TVs this year.

Brands that I have lauded as the best TV values, like TCL and Vizio, are yet to unveil their bread-and-butter 2022 models. Both are still selling their older TVs, including models I still highly recommend such as the TCL 6-series Roku TVs and the Vizio MQ7 series.

And if you’re looking for a cheap TV that you can put in a kid’s bedroom or guest room and stream smart TV apps with ease, my best choice is still TCL’s 4-Series Roku TVs. Is. This venerable worker hasn’t changed much over the years, and I don’t expect any major difference when the new version is inevitably announced soon. It might get Google TV, but the safe bet is still Roku in my book.

My buying advice Will keep evolving as prices are announced, new models will appear and I’ll have a chance to review them in person. Stay tuned to Nerdshala for updates throughout the year.

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