TWA Hotel harkens back to when air travel was fun

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It’s Not Quite a Time Machine, But TWA Hotel, near Terminal 5 at New York’s JFK Airport, lets travelers transport themselves back to a time when air travel was fun and glamorous.

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why it matters: Most airport hotels only have their prime location as a point of sale, but the TWA Hotel, where I recently stayed, has more.

descriptionHighlights are many: a free photo booth, an entire room turned into a giant twister board, and everything in the lobby.

  • Then there’s the “Connie,” a retired TWA propeller plane that’s been converted into a cocktail bar from at least Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Even on vacation, you can still climb the stairs and take pictures on the plane. The surrounding light-up runway and luggage cart are also great places to take pictures.

yes but: The rooms are not big, and not everyone will like the food court in the lobby.

between the lines: Though it focuses on retro aesthetics, the hotel isn’t afraid to delve into modern amenities when needed. For example, the hotel phone has rotary dial, but the room comes with a wireless phone charger and USB hub to make sure your phone and tablet get a good night’s charge.

  • And while one might worry about noise in rooms adjacent to an active runway, the hotel has some of the thickest windows in the world.
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Bottom-line: At a time when people are paying substantial sums of money to have an Instagram-worthy experience, TWA Hotels offers a comfortable night’s sleep as well as an abundance of photo-worthy spots if you’re living near an airport. Want to live near which is the farthest parts of New York.


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