while the most popular Twitch Streamers known for their video game content, Amouranth has built a following through ASMR, Just Chatting, IRL and Hot Tub Streams. And whether one likes Amouranth’s content on Twitch or not, there’s no denying that she’s one of the hardest-working streamers on the platform, putting in a significant number of hours each month. Amouranth is no stranger to controversy, however, and has since faced his fifth major Twitch ban.

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Amaranth has been banned from Twitch on several occasions in the past for a variety of reasons. It’s unclear why this latest bar amoranth was banned from Twitch, and it’s also unknown how long it will last. Twitch generally doesn’t explain why it has banned any streamers from being public, so if Amouranth knows it will have to choose to share that information. In any case, this latest ban is somewhat bizarre as it is not unique to Twitch alone.


Amarnath has not only been banned on Twitch, but has also been banned on Instagram and Tiktok. Again, it’s unclear what caused these restrictions at the time of this writing, but Amouranth has reached out to Instagram on social media to at least try to get that particular account back.

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As mentioned earlier, this certainly isn’t the first time Twitch has banned Amaranth. In the past, Amouranth was banned for wardrobe malfunctions as well as for participating in sexually suggestive ASMR streams. Amaranth has always come back from these restrictions and has at times returned with a horde of new viewers, so it will be interesting to see if that happens with this latest ban.

In addition to the Twitch ban, Amouranth also had to deal with issues such as the monetization of his channel, which happened after the hot tub streams controversy. Twitch eventually allowed Amouranth to start making money from ads again, but significantly reduced the amount it earned. According to Amouranth at the time, this resulted in her receiving a tenth of what she was previously earning from Twitch stream ads.

Recently, a massive Twitch leak revealed how much top streamers were being paid. Amouranth’s earnings were part of the leak, which reveals that at one point she managed to garner $1.3 million from her Twitch streams. Needless to say, Amouranth relies heavily on Twitch to make its money, and so getting his channel banned certainly won’t bode well for his bottom line. One has to wonder how long this latest Amaranth Twitch ban will last, or if it will actually be permanent.

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