Some Twitch Streamers are on the receiving end of questionable or false bans from the platform, while others turn away from short-term suspensions when it feels like they deserve more. Typically, these restrictions are for three to 30 days, although Twitch has banned some streamers either permanently or for an extended period, as in the case of content creator Axiune, which was recently banned for more than one month. After a lasting ban, he was allowed to return to the stage. two years.

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One of the problems with Twitch bans seems to be the inconsistency with which they are enforced. After the platform was hacked last week, a do-not-ban list of some Twitch streamers surfaced, which appears to confirm an already conviction that certain content creators get special treatment. And many times, those who are banned are not given a clear reason, leaving them and their viewers to speculate. Even Dr Disrespect, who was removed from Twitch in June 2020, learned the reason only in 2021.


Clearly, the big names aren’t always exempt from being banned from Twitch, despite the existence of a do-not-ban list, and popular esports members aren’t spared either. Kaley René, who became the first female member of the FaZe clan in June, received an email from Twitch on October 13 informing her that she had been banned. The reason stated was sexually suggestive conduct, which may include behavior, conduct or remarks. Her response, given in all caps, seemed annoyed. “Are you guys smoking crack? All I’m wearing is an oversized hoodie and shirt…. are you guys tall??

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Rene shared a screenshot of Twitch’s email on Twitter, and viewers were quick to point out that it specified whether public or private chat messages contained sexual conduct violations that had nothing to do with the Twitch streamer’s apparel. -Do not give. Rene replied, “I literally don’t talk in chat and or stream.” Some of her followers agreed, saying that they regularly watch Rene stream and cannot imagine she is having a sexual conversation with anyone.

The Twitch streamer has also attempted to contact Twitch Support several times as she intends to fight the ban, but has yet to receive a response from the platform. In a follow-up tweet, she asked anyone at Twitch to help her because she was being “thrown in a loop” for banning what she believes would be a mistake. René also expressed his belief that Twitch The ban was targeted, which is not far from the realm of possibility. When first signed to FaZe Clan, René was suspended from TikTok after being maliciously reported to be spam.

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