Although still the world’s number one streaming platform, Twitch There has been a lot of backlash from the community recently regarding the recent “hate raid” scandal. In addition, some of the larger streamers such as Dr. Lupo and Tim the Tatman have left the site after being given new contracts on YouTube. There could be a number of reasons why popular content creators are jumping ship, however, recent developments suggest that the streaming service may be losing people because the company offers less money than it used to.

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In a report on the Washington Post website, former Twitch employees, who wished for the source to remain anonymous, have said that many top-rated users are leaving the platform because the company underpaid streamers. In the past, also for the same amount of work being done. For this reason, people like Dr. Lupo are being tempted for better contracts, which is why they are leaving Twitch to join YouTube. As per the report, these changes in the amount to be paid by the company are intentional, and have to do with the way it comes to the particular stream content.


According to a lawyer representing Twitch streamers, these developments are not to suggest that there are no “lucrative deals” being offered to content creators, just that, in their experience, the company isn’t offering as much. There was once No actual figures have been mentioned, so it is difficult to know how few streamers are being paid these days. However, users like Lyric and Tim the Tatman signed Twitch contracts back in 2019 that were worth millions per year.

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A picture of a half-closed laptop with the Twitch logo on the screen.

While the streaming platform is still pulling in millions of users every month, even after the big names are gone, it has been the subject of a lot of controversy lately. With the “hate raid” fiasco causing distress among the community and broadcasters, it seems as though the company has taken action recently. A few days ago, Twitch said it was suing two people who incited hate raids, citing violations of its terms and conditions.

Twitch also sent out an email to streamers affected by these impressions. However, it is likely that the damage was already done at this point. with negative press Twitch It’s currently reeling from controversy, and the fact that past employees are coming forward to confirm that content creators are being paid less doesn’t bode well for the platform, and it might. Not surprisingly, many are leaving it for the alternative.

Source: Washington Post

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