Streaming has become an increasingly large and lucrative industry over the past several years, and Twitch Has garnered a huge following as one of the best websites for all types of streamers to watch. In view of the massive twitch With the data leak that resulted in 125GB of data being extracted from the platform’s servers and released on the web, streaming fans can get a chance to see how much their favorite streamers are earning. This leaked information includes many pro wrestlers including WWE and AEW stars.

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Several current and former pro wrestlers, including retired WWE Superstar Page, are making a name for themselves in the streaming scene. The massive data leak contains information on how many eight stars have been made exclusively from Twitch between September 2019 and September 2021.


The eight pro wrestlers highlighted during the huge Twitch data leak are Paige found on @SarayaOfficial who made the most money at $478,224. She is followed by Zelina Vega, found at @theatrinidad, and Adam Cole, found at @TheCHUGS, who earned $341,748 and $318,080, respectively. He was followed by Impact Wrestling with $69,140, ​​Tyler Breeze @thesweetzlive with $43,755, Evil Uno @eviluno with $35,742, Colt Cabana @coltcabana with $32,479, and finally Xavier Woods @AustinCreed with $25,431.

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Motherboard Chief Editor Jason Koebler has reportedly confirmed that the Twitch data leak is accurate by testing the motherboard against its own numbers. However, fellow Twitch streamer Asmgold has gone on record claiming that the leaked figure for his own earnings is false. Allegedly, the figures quoted here are calculated from subscriptions and bits, which means they do not take donations into account. Since a large portion of Twitch streamers’ income comes from donations, this suggests that the actual amount of money these pro wrestlers make on Twitch can be quite high.

While there is certainly a huge amount to be paid on Twitch, WWE has a policy that prohibits streaming talent. While this mandate does not apply to retired superstars like Paige, it has reportedly caused friction with WWE’s current wrestling stable. Zelina Vega was released over the issue of not being able to stream, and although she has signed with the company again, her husband continues to run an increasingly neglected channel. Adam Cole also decided to jump from WWE to AEW, with the desire to have his independent Twitch channel play a major role in the conversation.

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Image of twitch logo on purple background.
Massive Twitch leak reveals how much streamers like xQc and Asmongold get paid

A hacker claims to have taken 125GB of data from Twitch, including the site’s source code, as well as earnings for some of its top streamers.

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