Twitch always has controversial news focused on it for one reason or another, be it the platform itself, its in-house streamers, or the fans of those streamers. Twitch was recently hacked, resulting in a huge data leak, which may be the most significant development on the platform in recent memory.

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However, with the loss expected for now, life more or less continues as usual for those who use Twitch to stream or watch. Some of those users were taken aback when, a little more than a month ago, Spanish streamer MarkiLokurasY was given a permanent ban. They now have reason to be less anxious.


The reason behind MarkiLokurasY’s permanent ban was not any abusive behavior or line crossing on his part, at least not this time. This stemmed from him being banned twice earlier, with another meaning permanent ban. That final ban came when, during a very long livestream, a naked man was caught on camera violating Twitch’s terms of sexual content. However, in a somewhat surprising reversal, Twitch has reversed that permanent ban, bringing Markilocurras back on the platform. Considering the fact that it took two years for Akshyun to be back on Twitch with a temporary ban, this is a big twist of fate for MarkiLokurasY.

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As of this article, no reason is given for reversing what was supposed to be a permanent ban, but a number of reasons can be inferred. For starters, it was never a deliberate breach of the terms on the part of Markilokurasi, and he made a statement that he was actively trying to prevent such problems on stream. The terms may be general, but that’s no reason to always follow them to the letter in isolated cases. Streamer Destiny was banned for things that, for Twitch, are just more serious. Keeping someone permanently banned for an accident seems petty and counterproductive.

Then again, MarkiLokurasY is no mere dreamer. He has garnered a fan base of over a million followers on Twitch, becoming one of its most popular Spanish streamers. It’s hard to imagine that a regular streamer would be as lucky in reversing a permanent ban without further explanation. The biggest Twitch streamers make huge amounts of money for themselves and the platform, so Twitch is not without incentives to remove marqueelocuras.

Whatever the reason, be it accident, profit or a combination of both, MarkiLokurasY is back on Twitch. He has continued streaming on YouTube in his absence, and will likely continue to play. fortnite As if there is no obstruction. Whether he is now on Twitch’s alleged “do not ban” list is unknown.

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