Twitch It’s been a bit bad lately. Yesterday, the streaming platform was hacked by an anonymous individual, leaking 125GB of data, including the site’s source code, as well as earnings from some of its most lucrative streamers. The company said at the time that it was aware of the hack, but has since issued a statement saying it believes it knows what caused the leak.

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In a post on the official Twitch blog page, it turns out that the data being exposed was down to a “server configuration change,” which the company says may have left the website open to third-party attacks. The blog post then said that a team of people was working hard to investigate the incident, but at the time of writing this, there was no way to know the full extent of the damage. One thing the post said was that credit card details were “not disclosed” because Twitch does not store this information.


Twitch insists that users change their passwords to be on the safer side, and also turn on two-factor authentication for added security if they haven’t already. Perhaps one of the most revealing things about the leak was that it revealed the pre-tax earnings of some of the platform’s biggest streamers, such as Tim the Tatman, Asmgold and Shroud. Asmgold quickly denied that the figure was accurate, which goes all the way back to 2019. However, the leaked original figures seemed to many people, and another user recalculated it to give a new set of figures, which some agree is more accurate. These are the initial figures Asmongold was referring to at the time.

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Asmongold Twitch Earnings Leaked

Controversial Twitch hate raids wreaked havoc on the site a few weeks ago, with the company recently facing several issues while the platform has implemented measures to protect users against hate raids, as well as As well as taking action against some of the perpetrators, things are not looking good for the site.

This data breach is one of several controversies that Twitch. While the streaming platform is taking measures to make its ban policy more transparent, the company seems to be taking steps to amend losses it has suffered in the past. It remains to be seen how they will officially respond to this latest hack.

Source: Twitch

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Massive Twitch leak reveals how much streamers like xQc and Asmongold get paid

A hacker claims to have taken 125GB of data from Twitch, including the site’s source code, as well as earnings for some of its top streamers.

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