Activision Blizzard has been sued by the state of California for a variety of reasons, including discrimination against women. recent changes in world of Warcraft Decrease the objectification of women in-game, but Twitch streamer AsmGold has made an important take on the update.

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Popular Twitch streamer AsmGold recently went on the record to discuss a new update world of Warcraft. This update includes several changes to the game including new character options and improved weather effects for the major cities of Orgrim and Stormwind for the Alliance. Another big change in world of Warcraft This update contains major adjustments to old paintings and tapestries in the MMO.


NS world of Warcraft The community quickly noticed that several HD graphics updates were referenced for pictures in the 9.1.5 patch notes. In-game painting which . exist since the original version of world of Warcraft Pathways released in 2004 have also been affected by these changes. Changes were made to the game in an attempt to “minimize sexuality” and were aimed mostly at female characters.

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many so: world of Warcraft Players had already expressed their opinion on the retrospective changes to the MMO, before AsmGold chimed in. The popular Twitch streamer thinks the changes are a joke and believes the message being sent with these changes is wrong. “There’s nothing wrong with cleavage or sexiness, but there’s something wrong with pretending as you are.”

A noticeable painting that was recently replaced world of Warcraft UPDATE Stormwind SI:7 has one of the robbed women. Prior to the changes, the female dress was cut short, but the change went above and beyond simply covering the female character. After the changes, the face of the dressed woman was less distinct and her hair was also changed.

Asmgold said there’s something specifically wrong with it world of Warcraft Developers change content retroactively as it conflicts with today’s Activision Blizzard. Twitch streamers believe these changes have something to do with a new message Activision Blizzard is trying to promote, perhaps as a result of an ongoing lawsuit. Asmongold also called the changes “stupid and irreversible”.

One of the popular clips that has circulated since the lawsuit between Activision Blizzard and California comes from a BlizzCon event several years ago. During the clip a female fan asked world of Warcraft Developers if more female characters in the game will be based on the catalog beyond Victoria’s Secret. While the developers rejected this fan at the time, it appears as world of Warcraft Today’s team agrees with his message.

world of Warcraft Available now for Mac and PC.

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