The end of the year is an exciting time for the fans of the battle royale genre. during the next week, fortnite And Call of Duty: Warzone Huge content updates are launching that shake up the gameplay quite a bit. Unsurprisingly, many streamers are excited to try out these new seasons of related games. someone might be shocked Twitch Looks like streamer NICKMERCS isn’t one of them, as he claims he wants to be with Apex Legends,

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Over the years, NICKMERCS has been a top streamer on Twitch. Known for his prowess in first-person shooters, Nick went on to become famous sporting titles, such as fortnite And Call of Duty: Warzone, However, they have seen their average viewership drop in recent months. This has caused some people to say that he is in decline.


In a recent YouTube video from December 2, NICKMERCS discussed their claims of declining viewership and their “falling”. He spoke openly about the issue, admitting that his views had declined in number. Still, he said he was “still crushing it by comparison.” While he acknowledged that viewership was a helpful metric, he thought people placed too much weight on those figures. In addition, he said that it matters more to him that he can get more views on Twitch and YouTube rather than broadcasting to enjoy what he has streamed.

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In addition to addressing this issue, NICKMERCS gave its fans several reasons for the decrease in average viewership. He claimed that many factors affect the audience which are beyond their control. According to the streamer, the pandemic contributed to his previous success. He was believed to have had around 80,000 spectators in the past. warzone The currents were due to people being unable to work or travel. In addition, he acknowledged that Apex Legends Just like the game wasn’t as popular Call of Duty: Warzone, “say it is not so Top There isn’t, because there’s a small game or small fan base. it’s not as big as Duty,” he said

He concluded by giving his fans a roadmap of what had come. According to the dreamer, his vision was completely determined to continue improving Apex Legends, He believed that he was yet to reach his full potential in the sport and even claimed that tournament titles could happen in the future.

These candid comments from NICKMERCS about his career are refreshing to hear for many members of his MFAM community. Although it will be interesting to see if Nick returns in this fortnite Or warzone In the days to come, it looks like it won’t last long as he claims he is “off” to grind Apex Legends,

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