Recently in a stream, Twitch Streamer Imen “Pokiemane” Ennis opened up on why she found famous influencer Sean Dawson’s apology video. Shane Dawson was “cancelled” in 2020 after some controversial comments from his past resurfaced and made headlines online.

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Dawson took an extended break from social media before returning to YouTube on October 7, 2021. The Twitch sensation reacted quickly to the video in a stream and criticized the YouTuber for only apologizing for currying favors with his viewers. Although Pokemon himself is no stranger to criticism, he has never dealt with controversy, such as the situation Dawson is currently attempting to overcome.


Pokemon had this to say about Dawson’s YouTube apology video: “The way he’s jumping between subjects is sending out such insidious vibes. If you want to come back and seriously apologize And you want people to know how aware you are of the ****y things you did. When it’s a genuine apology you should look like you feel bad and you should let people know what you did How do you feel about what you did wrong? Pokemon recently apologized for overuse of African American slang or AAVE language, for which most of his fans actually forgave him for admitting his wrongdoing and sincerely apologizing.

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She claimed that Dawson did not delve too deeply into any specific issue, which led to her cancellation in the first place and criticized her for shedding light on her “past shenanigans”. Pokimane is generally outspoken about a number of topics, discussing how she feels about dating fans of the streamers not too long ago.

Pokemon concludes his stream by saying that Dawson didn’t apologize outright for what he did wrong, ultimately his main complaint with the YouTuber’s comeback video. He realized that he did not admit any wrongdoing on his part and did not show that he had changed.

In the video, Dawson explained that he didn’t explain how he really felt that people didn’t think he was just trying to gain sympathy, which Pokemon didn’t agree with. He further said that Dawson should have apologized only if he felt he was sorry and not just because he wanted to return to the YouTube platform.

Dawson has yet to respond to the Twitch star’s comments, but it looks like this won’t be the last time Pokemon criticizes influential people she doesn’t agree with because she’s spoken on the subject before and possibly so. Will continue to do

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