Immortal is the highest rank one can attain give importance to, and doing so puts them in the top 0.4% of give importance to players from all over the world. Popular Twitch streamer Pokemon recently earned this legendary rank for itself after playing give importance to continuously since its beta launch in April last year. Unfortunately for her, she is a girl in the gaming industry, so many people suspect that she has achieved rank under her own power.

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While this isn’t the first — and won’t be the last — Pokemon’s abilities as a gamer have been questioned because she’s a girl, especially a Twitch fan, got under her skin when they accused both and Fans of Courage Jedi committing a double crime. Taking to Twitter, the fan tried to provoke an argument with someone in particular, claiming that people were ragging on the courage to “carry” the poachers. Apex Legends Praising Pokemon for the same give importance to.


Pokemon was quite disappointed to see the comment after Twitter opened it to the stream. She addressed this – as well as other such comments – to her audience, essentially saying that she sees them all the time, even when she is minding her own business. She can’t open Twitter without seeing at least one. In his anger, he almost took Twitter bait, almost replying “Who the fu*ke asked you?” But he luckily held himself back.

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Considering how long she’s been playing the game on stream, Pokemon has plenty of video evidence proving that she’s earned her place among the Immortals. There’s definitely one of her assistant xQc, who ironically criticized Pokemon’s recent rebellious behavior. If a Pokémon knows that it has earned its Immortal rank, it has nothing to prove to anyone. At the very least, one can doubt him and prove his point with his skill in the game.

It’s next to impossible to avoid Internet trolls working so closely to the Internet, but ignoring their temptations is certainly not. Arguing online with people who just want to argue is a surefire way to lose brain cells for no good reason. Great for holding back on Pokemon even if it didn’t send tweets what it said about it. Hopefully, she manages to enjoy her rank while she has it.

give importance to Is on PC — Mobile version in development.

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