Running a 10k race is certainly a daunting task for many, but a Twitch The streamer decided that running a 10k in general wasn’t hard enough. Charity streamer OrcRun recently finished a 10k race wearing straight armor The Lord of the Rings.

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Charity streams on Twitch are one of the best ways for popular content creators to use their platform for good and OrcRun has been streaming charity runs continuously for several months now. His recent 10k, however, was the first time he streamed a run while racing against other people.


The armor that OrcRun wears during his streams is based on a version of Uruk-hai orcs. The Lord of the Rings Which are considered faster and stronger than the regular orcs found in Mordor. first two Lord of the Rings The films depicting Uruk-hai running long distances non-stop seems to be part of the inspiration for the streams of Orkran.

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The 10k run was completed yesterday, September 19th, entirely on stream in just 53 minutes. Orcrun was able to build up a decent pace with his fastest kilometer taking only 4 minutes and 47 seconds. The entire charity stream of his run is wholesome as spectators singly cheer to Uruk-hai as the other runners smile and laugh at their armored competition.

OrcRun’s 10k managed to raise more than $1,600 for a charity called The Alex, an organization that provides medical care for people in need in a handful of cities across Canada. The dreamer raises money for charity along the way several times a week. While the streamer has seen some popularity in terms of views in the past, his recent 10k has been his most viewed archived clip, garnering over 3,500 views in just one day.

Upon completing the 10k, OrcRun explained that he was not able to breathe well because his sweat had washed off the cloth mask he was wearing under his Uruk helmet. It looks like this has been the longest run for OrcRun as he also reveals that his arm hurt early in the race, which is understandable since he was moving his camera across the stream. Most people normally struggle running a 10k, but carrying a camera and doing so while wearing restrictive armor puts OrcRun on par with the most powerful Uruk-hai. The Lord of the Rings.

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