popular streaming platforms Twitch Known for its confusing, unpredictable and often questionable restrictions. With millions of people logging in every single day, the site seems to be ramping up with its efforts to crack down on hate speech. While it’s an admirable goal, the fact is that Twitch recently banned a streamer’s mods for making a “your mom” joke to a friend.

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Aside from this incident too, Twitch seems to have started the year a bit poorly. Not only were top streamers Pokemon and Disguised Toast banned from Twitch, but it also appears that the TV show meta is now dominating the platform.


Recently, moderator Aymankc of Twitch streamer HeyImBee made a “Your Mom” ​​joke directed at HeyImBee. The joke in question was rather mundane, alleging only that Heimby’s mother knew Aymank’s stroke. While this may not seem like a ban-worthy offense, it appears that Twitch disagrees, as Aymank revealed on Twitter on January 9 that the joke sent him seven days for “unwanted sexual advances”. banned. This may not be the biggest reason for someone to get a Twitch ban, but it’s certainly a contender for the title.

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In a Twitter post, Aymankc shared a screenshot of the Twitch ban announcement, including the reasoning for the ban, the location where the alleged violation occurred, and the duration of the suspension. In this case, the breach occurred inside public or private messages. Aymankc was also able to include a screenshot of the offensive statement, along with an exaggerated declaration that this was the sentence he was banned from. Twitch banned more than 15 million Hate Red bots in 2021 alone, so it’s possible that the platform’s detection protocols are a bit more sensitive now. Alternatively, the algorithm or person involved with the banning of the digit may have missed the context in which the “your mom” joke was shared.

At the time of writing, it appears that other Twitch fans are treating the situation as a joke. A Twitter user responded to the post by saying that Aymank should have binge-watched the copyrighted material – that way, he would only receive a two-day ban. This is a reference to the ongoing TV show meta on Twitch, a popular trend that has seen many streamers attempt to gather an audience by watching and reacting to TV shows. This has gotten many streamers including some big names banned Twitch, However, the duration of some of these restrictions can be much shorter than Aymank’s “Your Mom” ​​restriction.

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