Twitter is testing custom timelines, and the first one is for a bachelorette party.

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Twitter is testing a new feature that will show users custom timelines created by developers that will aggregate tweets and other media around specific topics or interests based on the combination of content pulled from accounts, hashtags, etc. Head of Platform Products developer Amir Shvat announced this experiment on the platform by posting on Twitter a photo of a custom timeline taken by the creators of The Bachelorette Show.

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Twitter said the Bachelorette schedule will be available to “a small group of people in the US and Canada for 10 weeks.” Users included in the custom timeline test will receive an online prompt to pin the timeline next to their home timeline.

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Twitter has been known for its volatile attitude towards developers over the years, initially being very open to third parties creating custom interfaces for using Twitter, then moving away from that and focusing on those built for specific use cases. If it goes beyond experimentation, the custom timeframe suggests that Twitter continues to look for new ways to reach out to mass market users who may not want to do the job of curating their own content channels around a particular interest.

It also opens the door for people who, in the long run, create different Twitter streams for different purposes at the same time – say if you’re an NFL fan but also use Twitter to track news at work and you don’t want anyone to distract you. when focusing on something else. Twitter posts its Chirp developer conference this November more than a decade later, so at that time we might have heard more about decentralization and custom timelines.

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The company noted that content on this timeline will be “selected and ordered based on relevance to the timeline topic using information such as search terms, topics, descriptors, and manual curation.” So you can’t switch to view the latest tweets.

Users can already create their own timelines with lists that let you select accounts, which in turn can be pinned to the mobile app and then viewed by swiping between them on the home screen. But since this is based on the tweet stream from the accounts you have listed, you can’t do anything else in terms of curation or filtering.

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And you use new TweetDeck previewyou can create a custom column from a hashtag or a search query with advanced search features like specific words and time frames (you can do the same with TweetDeck on the web too).

In contrast, the new customizable timeline features that Twitter now shows here now allow developers further control over which tweets can be displayed using the timeline. built via request. For example, a developer can create a custom timeline using a combination of filters such as topics, tags, and search terms.

β€œCustom timelines are curated channels. These channels may be created by third parties who select and provide content related to interests and events, or by Twitter based on general information. For example, Twitter’s popular video timeline uses information similar to how we choose topics to populate and order video content,” the company said in a statement. support page for custom plots.

When asked by a developer about allowing people to create interest-based custom channels and create a “shop” for different time frames, Shvat said it was fine. company roadmap for developer tools. He also mentioned that this is the first step towards decentralization in giving people multiple choice of algorithm timelines. Twitter explores decentralized social networks through their Bluesky project for a couple of years now, but no consumer-facing announcements have been received from the team.

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