Twitter Super Follows has generated only around $6K+ in its first two weeks

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Twitter’s creator platform super follows It’s off to an inauspicious start, which contributed nearly $6,000 in US iOS revenue in the first two weeks, according to App Intelligence data provided by Sensor Tower. And it only made about $600 or so in Canada. A small portion of that revenue can be attributed to ticketed places, of twitter Other in-app purchases Offered in the US – but there is no way for this portion to be calculated by an outside firm.

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Twitter first announced its plans to launch Super Followers during its Analyst Day event in February, where the company detailed several of its upcoming initiatives to generate new revenue streams.

Today, Twitter’s business is heavily dependent on advertising, and super followers are one of the few ways it aims to diversify. The company is now also offering a way for creators to charge for access to its live events with ticketed space, and outside the US, Twitter has begun testing a premium product for power users, called is called Twitter Blue.


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But Super Follows, which targets creators, is the effort with the most potential appeal to mainstream users.

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It’s also one that’s working to capitalize on a growing creator economy, where content creators build a following, then generate revenue directly through subscriptions — reducing their reliance on ads or brand deals as a result. The platforms they use for this business are a bit off the top to help fund the development of the Creator tool. (In Twitter’s case, it’s only taking a 3% cut.)

The feature makes sense for Twitter, a platform that already allows high-profile figures and regular people to have hobbies and chat in the same timeline. Super Followers allows that access to bring fans even closer to their favorite creators – be they musicians, artists, comedians, influencers, writers, gamers or other experts, for example. These creators can set a monthly subscription price of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to give fans access to bonus “behind the scenes” content of their choice. These usually come in the form of additional tweets, Q&A, other interactions with customers.

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At launch, Twitter opened up to Super Followers handful of creators, including beauty and skin care-focused accounts @ MakeupforWOC; astrology account @TarotByBronx; focus from the game @ KingJosiah54; Author @myeshachou; Internet Personality and Podcaster @MichaelaOkla; spiritual healer @kemimarie; music chart twitter @ chartdata; twitch streamer @FaZeMewhandjob @VelvetIsCakehandjob @McWood1handjob @GabeJRuiz, And @saulsrevenge; youtube users @DoubleH_YThandjob @LxckTV, And @PowerGotNow; and crypto traders @itsALLrisky And @ moon_shine15; among others. Twitter says there are less than 100 creators in total who have access to Super Followers.

While access is limited on the creation side, the ability to subscribe to creators is not. Any Twitter iOS user in the US or Canada can “Super Follow” any number of supported Creator accounts. In the US, Twitter has an average monetizable daily active users of 169 million As of Q2 2021. Of course, only a subset of them will be iOS users.

Still, Twitter can easily count millions of “potential” subscribers to its Super Follow platform at launch. Its current revenue indicates that, possibly, only thousands of consumers have done so, given that many of the top in-app purchases are for creators offering content at lower price points.

image credit: sensor tower

Sensor Tower noted that $6,000 in US consumer spending on iOS was calculated during the first two weeks of September (September 1–14). Prior to this period, US iOS users spent just $100 from August 25 to August 31 – a figure that would indicate user spending at ticketed locations during that time. In other words, ticket space revenue is likely to contribute significantly less to the total $6,000 in iOS consumer spending.

In Canada, the other market where Super Follow is now available to customers, Twitter’s iOS in-app purchase revenue from September 1 to September 14 was a negligible $600. (This will also include Twitter Blue subscription revenue, which is being tested in Canada and Australia.)

Worldwide, Twitter users on iOS spent $9,000 during the same time period, which would include other ticketed location revenue and testing of its premium service, Twitter Blue. (Twitter’s Tip Jar, a way to pay creators directly, doesn’t work via in-app purchases).

Unlike other Twitter products, which evolved by looking at what users were already doing — like using hashtags or retweeting content — many of Twitter’s new features are redefining use cases for its platform. are efforts. In the throes of a product push, Twitter recently launched tools not only for creators, but also for e-commerce, organizing reading materialshandjob subscribe to newslettershandjob socializing in communitieshandjob chatting through audiohandjob fact-checking material, taking into account the trendshandjob talk more privately, even more.

Twitter’s position on the slow start to super followers is that it is too early to make any determination. While that’s reasonable, it’s also worth keeping an eye on adoption to see if the new product has seen any rapid, out-of-the-gate traction.

“This is just the beginning for Super Followers,” said a Twitter spokesperson who reached out for comment about Sensor Tower’s stats. “Our main goal is to make sure that creators are set up for success and so we are working closely with a small group of creators in this first iteration to ensure that before we Start more broadly, they have the best experience of super follow.”

The spokesperson also said that Twitter Super Followers was founded to help creators make more money.

“With Super Followers, people are eligible to earn up to 97% of revenue after in-app purchase fees, as long as they make $50,000 in lifetime earnings. After $50,000 in lifetime earnings, they earn up to $50,000 in lifetime earnings. One can earn up to 80% of the revenue after the purchase charges,” he said.

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