Twitter testing an easier way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed

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Available for some users on iOS

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The company announced Tuesday that Twitter is testing a new way to make switching to your reverse-chronological feed a little more easily. Right now, when you tap the three-star icon at the top of your feed to switch between the Home feed (which sorts tweets for you) or the Latest feed (which shows them in reverse chronological order), a Small menu shows up prompting you to switch to a feed you’re not on. For some users on iOS, however, Twitter is testing the new Home or Latest tab at the top of your screen when you tap the three-star icon.


Here’s what the change will look like, according to twitter. If you have pinned lists, the tabs should look familiar:

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This change feels like it will be an improvement as it will mean fewer taps to switch between feeds and it will be easier to know at a glance which feed you are viewing. That said, it’s unclear whether Twitter plans to roll out this test more widely and, if so, when that might happen.

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