Two answers for Wordle? These are the times it happened.

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If you’ve been playing Wordle long enough, you’ve probably come across a scenario where the game’s daily puzzle has two answers.

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Most recently, The New York Times said in a statement on Monday that replaced original answer for Wordle 324referring to “a major recent news event”.

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With The New York Times announced the acquisition of Wordle. after the game’s meteoric rise, several changes were made, mostly focusing on five-letter words that players must guess correctly.

In some cases, Wordle’s original answer has been updated with a different word, confusing many players.

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Here are other cases where Wordle suggested more than one correct answer.

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In February of that month, The New York Times confirmed the acquisition of Wordle. players were given “agora” and “aroma” as correct answers.

This was reported by the newspaper CNN. he deleted the words that were too complex or could be rude or offensive. While words like “agora” or “wench” won’t show up as solutions, players can still enter them as potential guesses.


In March, most players correctly guessed “oven” for Wordle on March 30th. However, some players also correctly chose “harry”.

Before you ask why Wordle uses a person’s name as an answer, “Harry” is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “to make a robbery or a devastating raid” or “to make one move forward while disturbing”.

Answer has been changed The New York Times as part of their efforts to remove obscure or insensitive words from the game.

fruit and shine

On Monday, most wordle players got “shine” as the correct answer, while several others reported guessing “fruit” correctly. The New York Times said in a statement that he changed the answer because it appeared to be “closely associated with a major recent news event.”

Last week, a draft Supreme Court opinion leaked online. Judges may overturn landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade.

“This is completely unintentional and accidental – today’s original response was uploaded to Wordle last year,” The New York Times Games said in a statement.

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