One of the real attractions of being subscribed xbox live gold This is how each month, players can download a selection of free Xbox games as part of a subscription. Now, things are about to get better for Live Gold users, as the two highly popular and popular games are now being offered for a limited time.

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For beginners, Xbox Live Gold is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft. For a monthly or yearly subscription, users will gain access to store deals, occasional early access to upcoming games, and access to a community of gamers who play on the network. It should be noted that Xbox users who wish to claim the following titles need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, both titles available now from the Microsoft Store and Xbox Marketplace.


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To claim a title, for example, Hello: The Master Chief Collection, just find it through the Microsoft Store. Once found, Xbox Live users can download the respected title to the console by clicking on the Memberships tab in the Xbox Store and entering the Gold members area. It will detect then install the chosen game on Xbox.


  • Availability – 16 September to 15 October.
  • Estimated duration of campaign – 8 hours.
  • Style – 3D action-adventure.
  • Developers – Lienzo, and Lienzo Videogame Development.
  • File Size – 2.73GB (as of write)

country takes place in northern Mexico and sets players on a journey as Sucurume, a shaman from the indigenous Tarahumara culture, to draw upon the powers of the gods to fight creatures based on the region’s mythology. Along the way, players will fight corruption encroaching on the land through a series of complex puzzle levels that usually require the player to collect three sacred artifacts that open a magical door that will help the level’s boss. Leads to.

Samurai Shodown 2

  • Availability – 16 to 30 September.
  • Estimated duration of campaign – 1 Hour.
  • Style – fighting game.
  • Developer – SNK
  • File Size – 13 MB (as write)

Starting in 1994, leaving behind arcade cabinets, Samurai Shodown 2 The popular fighting game made such an unforgettable impression on the community that it has now made its way to current consoles. Held in a more favorable light than its predecessor, the overall gameplay of the hit sequel was expanded to include multiple movement options, such as being able to roll back and forth, ducking to avoid high attacks, or Do short hops to avoid short attacks

The title was rebuilt from the ground up, including nearly all of the original cast, adding several new characters and refining the overall gameplay with more responsive controls. With all this content in a tight package, it’s an interesting title, especially for those who are fans of it. mortal Kombat And Street Fighter arcade classics.

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