It’s mid-November now which means that xbox live gold Customers now have their second batch of free games available for download for the month. Many Xbox Live Gold users typically subscribe to the service as a means of gaining access to Xbox’s online multiplayer service, but it should be noted that the service comes with the added bonus of 4 free games per month.

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Xbox Live Gold subscribers now have access to all 4 of their free games for the month because Green Team likes to spread out their free games over the month, unlike Playstation Plus which gives customers all their games at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, Xbox Live Gold subscribers weren’t happy with the free games offered in November because the titles on offer don’t hold that much in the way of mainstream appeal.

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The first two games received this month were Xbox Live Gold customers go out And Rocket Night. Many customers most likely enjoyed the cooperative aspect of go out, Whereas, many others would likely have been too unfamiliar with rocket knight The game was released as a single in 2010 and received mixed reviews. However, most gamers should be able to get at least a few hours of fun from both titles.

List with Xbox Free Games Gold for November 2021

  • Going out (November 1st to November 30th)

  • Kingdom to Crown (November 16 to December 15)

  • Rocket Night (November 1st to November 15th)

  • Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (November 16 to November 30)

The last two games Xbox Live Gold customers can claim this month: kingdom to crown, a side-scrolling kingdom management game that also includes aspects of tower defense as one claims the countryside and establishes homes, and lego batman 2, DC Super Heroes, lego batman 2 Will potentially be appreciated by customers lego Games are much loved and followed because of the easy, fun and creative nature of the games.

It looks like Xbox is paying a lot of attention to the games it’s adding to Xbox Game Pass, however, that’s somewhat justified as it’s time for Microsoft to encourage its users to buy Xbox Game Pass. Live Gold’s focus has shifted. So Microsoft has moved away from adding more popular and new titles to Xbox Live Gold in favor of adding those games to Xbox Game Pass.

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