Two new Kindle Paperwhite 5 models leak, tipped for fall 2021 release

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According to a comparison chart posted recently, the new Kindle Paperwhite is due to be released soon good e-reader. Consumers can expect two new 6.8-inch devices to be part of the 2021 release: the Kindle Paperwhite 5 and Kindle Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition.

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Retailing around $120, the new Paperwhite 5 will include 8GB of storage for both digital and audiobooks. The screen resolution will remain the same at 300 pixels per inch and the new model will have the thinnest bezel yet. It will continue to come with an IPX8 waterproof rating, so you can take it in the bathtub without any worries. Lastly, the front-lit LED has been upgraded dramatically and will now offer 17 adjustable lighting options, including an amber color for nighttime reading.

The Kindle Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition comes with all the specs of the Paperwhite 5 and then some. Included in the Signature Edition will be 32GB of storage space and auto page orientation for a customizable reading experience. Consumers can also expect physical page-turn buttons and wireless charging, a first for the Kindle series. Unsurprisingly, with these advanced features comes a hefty $200 price tag.


Readers may have liked the 6.8-inch displays in both Kindle Paperwhite models. In terms of specifications and features, the Signature Edition feels more like a spiritual successor to the aging Kindle Oasis than a continuation of the Paperwhite series.

Wireless charging, in particular, is a major upgrade from previous generations of the Amazon Kindle, which include micro USB charging ports. Amazon hasn’t confirmed what kind of wired charging port (hopefully USB-C) will be available on either device, if any. There’s also no indication that Amazon will continue to bring cellular connectivity to the table, especially given that it has sunsetted many 3G cellular Kindles and only announced Wi-Fi capability for new devices. .

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Last updated in 2018, the Amazon Paperwhite has five LED front-lights and an IPX8 waterproof rating. If you don’t want to wait for new releases, you can still pick up the current generation of the Paperwhite and Oasis, plus take a look at other great e-reader options.

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