U.S. questions Tesla over lack of recall after self-driving update

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) inquired Tesla in a letter on Wednesday Why didn’t the company file a recall last month when the company updated the self-driving software for some of its vehicle models?

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why it matters: Federal law requires automakers to submit a recall when issuing an “over-the-air” update that mitigates a defect that poses an unreasonable risk to drivers.

big picture: Tesla updated its full self-driving software in late September so that the system can detect flashing emergency vehicle lights in low light conditions and adjust vehicle speed in response.

  • NHTSA said Tesla should have issued a recall “no more than five business days after the manufacturer learned of or became aware of a safety flaw or non-compliance”.

in a separate letterhandjob The agency questioned why the company reportedly required people to sign non-disclosure agreements to participate in beta testing for its full self-driving feature.

  • NHTSA said the agreements “limit participants from sharing information”. [Full Self-Driving] that portrays the feature negatively, or from talking with certain people [Full Self-Driving]and limited its ability to act as a regulator, as it relies significantly on consumer reports as a source of information.

What will happen next: The agency ordered Tesla to send the requested information by November 1 or face daily penalties up to an amount totaling more than $114 million.

  • Telsa did not immediately comment on NHTSA’s letter.
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