splinter Cell Blacklist Released all the way back in 2013 and unfortunately for fans, the series hasn’t had a new installment since. With rumors that a new Splinter Cell game might be in development right now, fans are hoping that Sam Fisher is nearing his return. For those returning to older games, most gamers generally do not expect the game’s online services to work, however, many of them will not expect to be banned from nearly all Ubisoft services once they submit a support ticket. Let’s try. splinter Cell Blacklist,

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One thing splinter Cell Blacklist Fans won’t be so happy to hear about the fact that they could receive a 7-day ban from Ubisoft services, as they were submitting support tickets asking why the servers weren’t working. The head of Ubisoft’s Customer Relations Center, Tara Johnson Reachley, said in a Ubisoft forum, which has since been deleted, that “any support tickets submitted in connection with this issue in the future will be subject to a 7-day ban.” During this period, you may be unable to make purchases through the Ubisoft Store, log into Ubisoft websites, log into your Ubisoft account, or play through the Ubisoft Connect client.”


The thread was swiftly deleted after receiving a large amount of backlash, with Ubisoft saying that the post was made by a user impersonating a Ubisoft employee. It is actions like these that are causing many gamers to be suspicious of other splinter Cell The game is actually being released or is anything like a game of old. This is because many gamers have lost faith in the company and the rumored game is not expected to have the same charm that made it splinter Cell What was this series?

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One more step about Ubisoft splinter Cell The series that really delights fans is the fact that for a time Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory It was free to keep if users downloaded the game before November 25. It was a nice gesture by the company, though it probably won’t be enough to please fans as the company threatened to ban gamers for submitting support tickets.

In other news, Ubisoft is planning to open a theme park in Montpellier, France by 2025. It’s an interesting development for the company, though it’s unlikely it’s something Ubisoft fans were asking for.

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