Ubisoft lets players turn their best game snaps into apparel

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Ubisoft announces a new partnership with zkke, a customizer software company that lets users personalize apparel and accessories with their own photos. The player will be able to edit photos Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and other games with new customizing software and process orders through Ubisoft’s online store.

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Ubisoft already hasphoto mode“Which can print screenshots of their games on coffee mugs, phone cases, etc. ZAKK enables the company to take it a step further with apparel like T-shirts and hoodies. Separately Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, It can even make in-game moments memorable with photo mode Immortal Fenix ​​Rising, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, And Assassin’s Creed Origins,

Players simply need to take a screenshot of what they want to print from their game, select the type of product they want, customize it, and then print. Products ship within a few days. ZKK’s software includes personalization options such as effects, filters, shapes, and other tools typically found in a photo editor. Customers can access photos from their own or a friend’s photo library from the Ubisoft Store.


As part of the partnership, ZKK has also implemented a custom design software for Ubisoft’s digital storefront on Bigcommerce. ZKK told Nerdshala that the idea originated as a way to offer US and Canadian fans customized apparel related to the Six Invitational, a major Rainbow Six esports event. Ubisoft wanted fans to have the option of printing personalized uniforms with their names on them.

ZKK has also collaborated in the past with other companies in the gaming industry, such as Flex Arcade and Rocket Games. Some might argue that this isn’t the most fashion-forward idea in gaming-related apparel, but Ubisoft’s setting a standard for printing customized game apparel can help ensure quality products for its fans. can. It’s unclear when exactly all the customization options will go live.

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