Ultra-strict lockdowns preview what’s in store for Beijing Olympics

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With the Beijing Winter Olympics starting three weeks later today, extremely strict lockdowns in Chinese cities provide a glimpse of what the Games’ protocol will look like.

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state of play: China may be the last country on Earth that is still “following”Zero COVID” Policy, Instead of relying on vaccines and a cautious reopening, China still aims to contain the virus through lockdowns.

  • more than 20 million people in five cities, including Xi’animprisoned in their homes, per AP,
  • But despite those measures, COVID has made its mark. The port city of Tianjin is experience the outbreak This worries Olympic officials because Beijing is just 80 miles away.

big picture: Protocols are equally stringent for Olympic athletes and thousands of others involved in the Games.

  • All athletes must test negative twice within 96 hours of their flight, and unvaccinated athletes must quarantine for 21 days upon arrival. Masks are required and testing will be done daily.
  • There are four different bubbles for athletes, media, the observers and local workers, with a closed loop transport system for travel between locations.

the last word: “If they can get past this without a major outbreak, that would be another gold medal that China would be happy to claim,” said Yanzhong Huang, director of the Center for Global Health Studies at Seton Hall. Told NEW,


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