At September’s PlayStation Showcase event, Naughty Dog revealed Unknown: Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection, Collection of two remastered unsolved Games that were originally released on PS4. it was two games Unknown 4: A Thief’s End And Unknown: The Lost Legacy, both thrilling and memorable adventures that cast Nathan Drake and Chloe Fraser in starring roles and were filled with many twists and turns. Naughty Dog also announced that the collection will come not only to Sony’s latest console, the PS5, but to the PC platform as well.

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With two new platforms, development for each version of the game has been split to allow for better customization. The developers of Naughty Dog are working on a PS5 version, while Iron Galaxy Studios will be responsible for the PC port. The latter studio in particular has ported many different games to the PC, such as Skyrim, Crash Bandicoot: N. sane trilogy, even more.


Recently, it unsolved The collection’s Steam page was live on the database and platform, where fans are able to wishlist the game ahead of its release. Not only did that page go online, but the Epic Games Store page went up as well. Given that both the platforms have huge user bases, this helps increase the reach to other PC gamers, and Unknown: Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection Potentially a free game could even become cheaper through a storefront in the future.

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A theft a collection of unknown legacy of thieves

Details are pretty similar compared to the Steam version, where it targets an early 2022 release date, with PC specifications from the collection not announced at this time. Looks like features only include singleplayer, so its likely unknown 4It is possible for multiplayer mode to be removed from these re-releases, backing up previous reports. However, unsolvedThe singleplayer adventures of K have generally been the main draw of the series, featuring thrilling cinematic set-pieces and firefights.

Along with bringing these two games to the Epic Games Store platform with this remaster, other PlayStation PC ports are likely to make their way to the storefront as well. Others have already become part of the storefront, such as games. Horizon Zero Dawn Worked as Epic’s free game for a limited time. While there’s no specific release date for the collection of games yet, these pages point to an announcement coming relatively soon.

Unknown: Legacy of Thieves Collection Set to release in early 2022 for PC and PS5.

Source: epic games store

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