Traditionally, video game studios have a physical office, with most developers living under one roof, where they work together on their next project. In the past year or two, however, this has not only become possible, which has affected the establishment of potential space, an innovative game studio that is breaking tradition.

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For more than 20 years, Jeff Strain has worked within the video game industry, launching two hugely successful game studios. Strain was a co-founder of ArenaNet in 2000, which is developing studio Guild Wars MMO series since then. Strain then founded Undead Labs, the studio behind state of decay Chain. Now he is taking on a new challenge.


As in many other industries around the world, game development became very difficult in 2020 and 2021, with studios going into remote operations and many even delaying their games. Despite these issues, the potential for something not seen before appeared: fully remote game studios.

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Jeff Strain has officially announced his new studio Possibility Space. Despite being based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Possibility Space is one of the first ‘distributed’ game development studios in the industry. As the name implies, the employees of Possibility Space are not centrally located and are working from different locations around the world. According to Strain,[The developers] felt it was the right time to create something new – a studio built from the ground up to adapt to emerging needs and perspectives for both players and developers.” position of childreny describes Strain Studios’ first project as a “joyful game”, attributing the previous year’s “fear and isolation” to something optimistic.

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With resumes featuring studios like Valve, Insomniac, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Double Fine, and many more, the likely space is filled with talented individuals from across the gaming landscape. Some of the developers who joined Strain include Jane Ng (Campo Santo, Valve) as Visual Director of Possibility Space, Brandon Dillon (Oculus, Double Fine) as Technical Director, and Liz England (Ubisoft, Insomniac) as Simulation and Narrative. Served as System Director. Ng was formerly a Valve artist Half Life: Alex As well as Lead Environment Arist of Campo Santo fire observation, but Chance is very excited to become the visual director of Space. “The fact that I didn’t have to leave my house or uproot my family just made it easy to see that this was the right team to join. I was likely to be part of the space and play a role in all kinds of openings.” Thrilled to play. of possibilities for players and developers,” she says.

Despite the pandemic delaying the game, developers have found ways to keep working from home. Creating a video outside of office space and with the same culture of traditional game studios was once an impossible task, but as the name Possibility Space suggests, it may be possible. From the executive talent at Jeff Strain and with a team of some of gaming’s greatest developers who believe in this idea of ​​a physically distributed studio, potential space It appears to have everything needed to redefine what a “traditional” game studio looks like.

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