Use customer-generated content to personalize emails to increase sales.

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At the beginning of 2020 commerce is transforming as people shift to online shopping out of necessity. But the trend has already begun; The pandemic has only accelerated it.

Acceleration real: E-commerce is expected to generate over $7 trillion. by 2025, which will account for more than 24% of the total retail sales in the world.

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For retailers, this growth means that customer relationship management (CRM) data and email will play an even bigger role in the shopper journey. Brands understand the importance of building relationships with their customers. These connections increase awareness and increase profits. However, building and expanding these connections depends on gathering useful data to develop personalized email strategies that engage customers.

There is no magic solution to personalize the experience of individual buyers or subscribers. What separates top performers from their competitors is how marketing teams focus their efforts and use data to deliver exceptional brand engagement.

Your CRM data contains a wealth of information to recommend products in addition to past purchases or add-ons.

Spotlight on bestsellers

What elevates one product over another? Sometimes it’s the style or the color, or something that the blogger highlights on social media. Want to shed some light on your top selling products? First, examine the data to identify it – it could be the best selling products overall or the best categories. Then showcase them in your emails.

This approach works well for clients who are looking for something popular. Fill your email with inspirational messages to increase product awareness and generate interest by recommending cart add-ons and telling your customers what’s “hot”.

This style of messaging can also be used to create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Almost Gone!” or “There are only a few left!” Use a data feed to highlight only available items and check price accuracy.

Showcase your most viewed products

Want a quick solution to add value to your communications? Analyze your data to find the most viewed products. You can even break down this data in more detail by separating the customer data into layers. This strategy generates interest, attracts more subscribers to your site, and increases the purchasing power of their products.

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