walheim Players are starving for updates to the virally popular open-world survival/sandbox game. Since then walheim Launched earlier this year in February, developer Iron Gate AB has been overwhelmed by the game’s success. This coincides with a scaling up walheimof its development team, as well as its plans for content updates. Now walheim The patience of the players paid off. Updates for Hearth & Home walheim Has officially arrived and is now available to download.

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Hearth and Home is updated walheimAnd while its name may be a focused target for new content, it actually paints a much wider swath. Yes, while resale systems such as food and cooking, Hearth & Home introduces a large amount of new furniture and craftable items for construction. But it also touches on rebalancing every weapon. walheim, Introduces to tame pets, reworks walheimblocking and shield systems, and has teased a dark secret for players to discover.


In a surprisingly short list of patch notes, Iron Gate details some of the new material walheim In Hearth and Home Update. To start, 10 new foods have been added, though Iron Gate keenly notes that there are actually 12. Birch and oak trees as well as onion seeds have been introduced. New weapons include the Crystal Battleaxe, the Silver Knife and the Butcher Knife, as well as the Bone Tower Shield and Iron Buckler.

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With regard to new furniture and building materials, shingles is a new darkwood style of building roofs, beams and pieces for decoration. Added assorted furniture includes a stone throne, as well as a Viking hot tub for players to relax together. A new crystal tier of walls has also been made for added protection. Major new crafting structures to build include a cartography table for sharing map data, an oven for bread and pies, an obliterator to destroy objects, and an iron cooking station needed to cook meat.

There is some material in particular, and there is probably a lot of material, that has not been included. walheimPatch notes for Hearthstone and Home updates. Iron Gate has spoken on this topic before. It has said that it wants players to discover new content on their own. It is not clear how much to wait for players with the new update, but it is sure to be exciting. the end of Walheim’The new teaser trailer should give a hint.

whereas walheim With players certainly busy crafting and expanding their homes for months to come, it’s also time to ask the important question: What comes next? walheim remains in Early Access on Steam, meaning Iron Gate still has more features and content planned before the game officially launches. The previously released roadmap indicated what Iron Gate is calling the Cult of Wolf update next. Stay tuned for updates on that.

walheim Now available in Early Access on PC.

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