While the focus of the online gaming community has shifted to the biggest releases of the holiday season, there’s no denying that walheim One of the most important game releases of 2021. walheim It dominated Steam’s sales charts for more than a month earlier this year, with a combination of RPG progression and survival gameplay capturing PC gamers’ hearts. and the excitement around walheim Somewhat subdued, developers continue to roll out updates and new content for the Iron Gate game.

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Iron Gate’s latest patch, dropping Thursday walheim Mostly focused on a handful of bug fixes. However, an interesting piece of new content has also been added to the game that curious players should dive back into. A new set of armor has been added to the game, although it is hidden in the Iron Gate’s chosen shroud of secrecy thanks to the new material. One clue that Iron Gate is willing to share is that, “something stirs in the swamp.” Players may want to be armed before exploring.


Those interested in spoilers will be pleased to know that Iron Gate provided a little more detail about what they’ve released in their monthly blog post on Steam. To begin with, a screenshot of the new set of armor was shared. This is a unique design where tree roots have grown around each piece in the set. It is appropriately swampy, to say the least.

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How players will be able to create the new Swamp armor set, Iron Gate is only willing to provide a clue. Once again, Iron Gate refers to “something strange” in the swamp. Plus, it all says that this new, mysterious quest in the Swamp will offer crafting materials that can be used to craft new armor sets.

In addition to the new content included in today’s Thanksgiving patch, a number of bugs were also addressed. Oddly enough, the bugs are only referenced in a vague way, though. walheim Believers can know exactly what the problem is. For example, a jumping animation issues were fixed, swamp music was adjusted, monsters would now wake up when hit by an attack, and a network issue caused by auto-stacking item picking was addressed. has gone.

Iron Gate also addressed what’s coming next walheim, known as the Mistland Update. Outside of a new screenshot, however, Iron Gate keeps a secret about what hides in the haze. However, Iron Gate teased that after Mistlands it plans to add a mountain biome update, including caves. Some “lupine inhabitants” may reside within these caves. As always, the future of walheim Very bright.

walheim Now available on PC.

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