controversy surrounding ValkyrayThe partnership and endorsement of the skincare product line RFLCT has been a rollercoaster of wonders. Less than two months ago YouTuber Valkyrae announced it was partnering with RFLCT, which claimed to protect computer users from “harmful” blue-light emissions, is yet to publish its research. was not ready. Now Valkyra is sharing more details about what happened afterward, with fellow streamers Etriok and Ludwig helping bring the situation to an accidental conclusion.

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Valkyra recently did an interview with Ludwig, during which the two talked about what happened to RFLCT. To the surprise of many, Valkyra confirmed that it was a leak involving the Atriok that led to the final conclusion of the situation. Amidst the controversy, Valkyra has a personal conversation with Ludwig in which he tells her that she is trying to get out of her contract with the company. Atriok inadvertently leaked this conversation while using Ludwig’s computer to stream.


What happened was that at the time RFLCT was still planning to move forward with its full launch and partnership with Valkyrae. This included releasing its skincare products in over 400 different stores across the country. Once Atriok leaked Valkyra’s conversations with Ludwig, however, Valkyra maintains that “everything was deleted.” She describes the leak as a blessing in disguise, as the leak caused the RFLCT to back its plans.

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This does not mean that the situation is completely over. Valkyrae implies that she is still under the NDA, saying she has to be careful what she says about the situation because the RFLCT may still sue her. This leaves some ambiguity about whether RFLCT’s announcement that the brand is shutting down is actually an attempt to rebrand to avoid the controversy surrounding its blue-light “research”.

In previous conversations on her stream, Valkyra has spoken candidly about how tense the brawl was and how it affected her mental health. Since RFLCT announced the end of the brand, she has said that she is doing better and that she is again focusing more on a positive mindset. Valkyrae talks about being a therapist and working to fix her sleeping schedule and eating habits.

The whole situation around RFLCT captures the bizarre culture surrounding streaming culture. Whether it’s Valkyra’s original partnership with RFLCT and its unreliable claims or the leaks surrounding her interactions with other streamers, fans took a look Valkyrayof life in a way they might not have expected — in a way that probably wasn’t healthy for anyone. The farther the RFLCT controversy goes in the rearview mirror, the better for everyone.

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