Valve games are about to become easier to mod as the Havok Engine fee gets waived

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Valve and Microsoft have struck a deal to waive Hawk Engine fees that will make modding games like Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life: Alix easier.

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in a tweet @TF2CCWiki – Joe Hawke reached out to Valve to ask about obtaining an asset license for the physics engine, which typically costs $50,000 Bosses – Mod to waive $50k fee in the future, to make it easier for fans to modify Team Fortress 2 as well as Valve’s other titles.

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Valve’s official response reads: “We have reached an agreement with Microsoft to waive the Hawk fees for future mods of Valve games. That being said, we treat this as non-commercial fan projects. Let’s see the main purpose of the mode to work.” @TF2CCWiki Not the only person to get this response, as @ Goknak The project and development lead on Momentum Mod received the same response from Steam’s EU Legal Review team.


Initial Twitter user then put out a follow up tweet Explaining that Hawk license fee is only for “Pay for Mode”. Having said that not all Team Fortress 2 mods are paid for, so it doesn’t really affect them. However, it’s still good news for those looking to revamp Valve’s other titles without taking out a $50k loan to cover it.

It appears that many developers are loosening the reins on fan-made projects as Genshin Impact developers miHoYo, which recently announced that it is allowing its fans to create and sell fan-made products Without risk of legal action, as long as you do not violate miHoYo’s rules.

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