Valve may have ended work on Dota Underlords, judging by its first update in a year

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Given one particular change made in its first update in over a year, Valve may have finished work on Dota Underlords.

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The change was brought to the public’s attention A new video by Tyler McVicker, a YouTuber who previously ran the unofficial Valve News Network channel. McVicker also shared the news about Half-Life 3 is reportedly being scrapped in favor of a Steam Deck-targeted RTS/FPS hybrid Set in the Half-Life universe, citing information from public Valve sources as its origin. As before, McVicker points to Datamines in a new YouTube video titled “Valve Killed Another Game — Support Ends For Dota Underlords.”

as you can see for yourself steam database, an update for Dota Underlords went live earlier today, and it was the first to arrive since December 6th, 2020. One of those changes set the end time for the current season of Dota Underlords, Season 1, all the way back to 2031. Although this may mean that the valve is, in fact, Really Loving this season and wanting to give it another decade to breathe could also be a sign that Valve has indefinitely postponed plans for content updates to come with a new season of its Auto Chess game. have make.


Dota Underlords first gained early access on Steam in June 2019 and was released in full in February 2020. We’ve reached out to Valve to see if it can clarify what this latest update means for the game’s future and will update this article with any feedback.

While Valve is putting a lot of support behind its new handheld PC, the company says Steam decks won’t have exclusive games,

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