Valve shows off the Steam Deck’s low-key packaging

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Most PC gamers who ordered steam deck There really won’t be one getting until mid or late 2022, but Valve is making it a little easier to imagine craning one in your hands. one in short post Today, Valve showed off a “sneak peek” of the final packaging that will come out with the Steam deck starting next February.

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From the outside it’s almost as indescribable as the cardboard packaging it gets, although if you zoom in you can see a portal companion cube amidst the iconography. Meanwhile, the packaging inside tells you all about the places you’ll be able to play games with Steam. Deck in different languages. “On the toilet”, typically, is one of the first options.

A setup instruction card surrounds the Steam Deck itself in the bottom of a carrying case, though Valve’s caption notes that this is the case for the 64GB and 256GB models. The most expensive 512GB Steam Deck model, which comes with an anti-glare etched glass screen, isn’t even shown here with a special case.


The Steam Deck Pictured Looks Alike I used at Valve’s offices Back in August, but it’s really a new iteration with a few small changes. “We recently completed our DV (Design Verification) build of the Steam Deck, and we will be using these units for additional testing and developer kits,” Post says. “DV is the final prototype build before production, and includes improvements from the EV2 build. After this build, there will be additional minor changes to the final product.”

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(image credits: Valve)

In an FAQ earlier this week, Valve said that There will be no Steam Deck exclusive game, while also taking into account some of the improvements made since those EV2 units. The FAQ says, “Issues such as the Sticky Bee Button reported by some developers have been addressed and will not be a problem for customers.”

Today’s post says that the Steam Deck Dev Kit will be rolling out to developers “very soon.”

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