Nintendo There’s an extensive library of classic games, and many of those titles have iconic soundtracks. The company’s dedication to its largely family-friendly image has inspired many talented musicians to create a wealth of gorgeous and relaxing tunes over the years. A fan recently pieced together three hours of relaxing Nintendo tracks in one place for fans to enjoy.

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The video, titled “3 Hours of Relaxing Nintendo Music,” appears to be YouTuber orbit’s first public upload. It features approximately 76 different tracks taken from a wide variety of Nintendo games and products, including music from classic Nintendo 64 titles.


Among the compiled classes are “footlight lanes” Super Mario 3D World“Globe at Night”, from “Purplexing Pool” from the Wii Weather Channel Pikmin 2, from “Unknown Planet” super mario galaxy 2, from “Cool Cave” kirby’s epic yarn, and “The Domain of Zora”. From The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is also featured in its night version. The game appears to have been discovered through Orbit’s large number of soothing tunes that might impress Nintendo fans. With so much variety to choose from, the YouTuber is able to put together a playlist where each song remains distinct despite having the same tone.

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The music is drawn from throughout Nintendo’s history, from early titles like super mario 64 recent people like breath of the wild, The video can serve as an examination of how Nintendo’s music has evolved over the years to suit different franchises and different sound types, while still creating a sense of relaxation in the player. Although the playlist is dominated by the tunes of Super Mario franchise, it includes most of the songs from Nintendo’s other larger franchises, including the fairly obscure title. the beginning of the earth – credited as Mother, its original Japanese title.

At the time of writing, it looks like fans are enjoying this collection of relaxing Nintendo songs. Many of the answers to the YouTube video conveyed a sense of nostalgia, even from users who claimed they hadn’t played the game in question. One user said listening to this playlist really calmed them down, while another said it put their little ones straight to sleep. Many users commented that they put videos in their diaries for writing, studying, sleeping or doing various household tasks that could be easier with something soothing. Nintendo Tunes playing in the background.

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