EA is releasing Battlefield 2042, but there are a number of gamers who have tried the recent beta, with a variety of concerns. One player has taken to the internet to voice his issues with the knife animation and its similarities to previous animations. Battlefield Play

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Reddit user killuminati001 recently posted a comparison video showing various knife animations from the previous Battlefield title than the title used in Battlefield 2042. Although it is almost identical to the previous Knife animations, the new one is unique in a way. Unlike the smooth transition to the knife animation of older titles, which depicted one soldier holding another, turning them around, and stabbing them in the chest, Battlefield 2042 The animation is quite fast.


knock out enemies in most Battlefield The title will show a brief animation of your soldier claiming the enemy’s dog tag, but that detail is largely missing. Battlefield 2042’s Knife Knife Animation. One Battlefield 2042 The animation in Killuminati001’s compilation video shows a soldier stabbing another soldier who is far from visible. Few other animations show the same action as the classic Battlefield titles but in a strange way where one soldier is putting the other in a headlock before stabbing his chest.

Why would they ruin the knife animation. old vs new From
battlefield 2042

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Not all of Killuminati001’s knives connect properly in their compilation video, with some soldiers being stabbed repeatedly until their wounds succumb to their wounds. Yeh Sharp 1v1 Battlefield 2042 Encounters depict the soldier stabbing and stabbing an enemy who might otherwise have been unaware of their presence until the knife animation played out. In general Battlefield Players can sneak up on enemies by opening their knives and taking them out quietly, but a Battlefield 2042 The bug was seemingly preventing instant kill.

Clipping observed among several open beta players Battlefield 2042 Bugs are being reported and it seems Killuminati001 has experienced this visual disturbance in its gameplay. Two clips in the Knife Animation compilation show his soldier clipping through the enemy for a bit before stabbing an enemy soldier with a knife. Although these kills are not as smooth as they used to be Battlefield The title, Killuminati001 still emerged victorious scoring more points for his team.

Although Battlefield 2042 Currently having a knife animation that shares many similarities with previous titles, EA may be adding new animations to the game as it grows as a live service. strictly multiplayer Battlefield micro-transactions of some sort are expected, and many Battlefield Fans are already expecting more interesting murder animations. It is likely that the experts pretended Battlefield 2042 The open beta will also receive skins in the future.

Battlefield 2042 Will release on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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