Earlier this week, Nintendo rocked the video game world by introducing Sora as the ultimate DLC fighter super smash bros ultimate. Sora’s inclusion was no small feat, and Masahiro Sakurai, who manages to handle the copyright hydra that binds Sora, is worthy of praise. now that sora is here thunder universe, many can’t help but wonder how the Keyblade Fielder arrived in the company of Mario and friends.

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As the release date of Sora draws closer, the internet has been flooded with countless fan creations. There are principles in that fan material, of which fans Kingdom Hearts are not strangers to. Sora has traveled dozens of worlds in the world of his adventures, smash bros There is undoubtedly another stop on the way, but a Tik Tok video offers a more convincing explanation of how he got there.


Posted by user xflashdanielx, short video with the simple caption “How Sora Got In thunderopens with a segment from the opening cinematic of ” Kingdom Hearts IIMILF using some of Kingdom Hearts The series’ Memorable Music. During this segment, Sora is locked in a pod by Namin so that she can fall into a deep, restoring her lost memories.


It was not a dream! or was it…? #ssbu #Super Smash Bros #supersmashbrosultimate #Kingdom Hearts #NS #B3 #sora #nintendo

Sanctuary (Kingdom Hearts Theme) – Instrumental – Inertia

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After doing so, Sora falls into a white void with his eyes closed, and the video changes to Sora’s reveal trailer. thunder As he emerges, the eyes are closed, through a uniform white void. Now it’s worth noting that the opening cinematics Kingdom Hearts The game is fond of abstract visual symbolism to communicate the events and feelings that the characters are feeling. While Sora doesn’t literally During this moment of the chain fall through a void, the two events converge rather seamlessly into each other.

In fact, the transition works so well, one has to wonder if it was probably planned that way. Sora’s original outfit, his closed eyes and the way he appears in the trailer, fits everything in a way that feels very intentional. Masahiro says during Sakurai thunder Reveal the event that he has played all the games Kingdom Hearts series, it’s entirely possible that he might have been based on the nature of Sora’s entry into the game of a moment and built from it.

If one continues down this little rabbit hole of theory, what does it say about Sora’s involvement? thunder? Maybe he is just dreaming because he is sleeping his long sleep. If that were the case, it would surely have been a happy dream.

super smash bros ultimate Now available on the Nintendo Switch, Sora will release as the final DLC fighter on October 18th.

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