It’s hard not to notice that welcome Battlefield 2042 The beta has been heavily mixed. Some are excited for the new generation Battlefield series, but amid technical problems and hackers, other fans are seeing a distinct lack of depth compared to previous games.

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NS Battlefield The series is well known for its massive battles, wide range of strategic depth, and wealth of features to aid in such strategies. upcoming entry, Battlefield 2042, set in the future. Ironically though, it appears to some players as a significant step forward for the series.


A video posted on unofficial Battlefield 2042 The subreddit by user GreenyMyMan shows a plethora of features missing from the new Battlefield Beta of the game, many of them iconic to the series. Destruction builds have drastically reduced detail, first-person takedown animations are gone, damage information has been removed, and fortifications are also missing. Fortifications allow players to build blockade structures and defenses around the turret, making it a massive downgrade from the defensive mechanics of previous games.

Since then Battlefield 2042 There is only one beta version at the moment, it is entirely possible that DICE will add many of these mechanics before the final release. However, many players are unhappy with this first glimpse at the game. Removing the tilt is a major concern in the video’s comments, with many players considering it iconic. Battlefield Chain. A common feeling among commentators is a feeling of being limited by mechanical changes.

The decision to change the game can be a financial decision as well as making it less intimidating for new players; animations that were the first Battlefield Games are changed to third person Battlefield 2042K beta, and some commentators believe it may be in service of selling cosmetic skins and melee finishers to players. Although some of the changes are downright confusing; The large stationary weapons have been removed, which some players have observed makes the aircraft more difficult to take down. While the promise of improvement has already been made Battlefield 2042Launched, most of them don’t address the player’s biggest concerns.

beta of Battlefield 2042 The removal of so many iconic and important features moves the series in a difficult direction that has been confusing many longtime players. The purpose of beta is to collect feedback, but also to ignore Battlefield 2042Bugs and hackers, some adjustments seem too fundamental to be implemented without much delay. Some of the answers from the original video show that hello infinityIts reception changed from negative to highly anticipated as a result of the delay, but it remains to be seen whether the same will happen. Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Will release on November 19, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

battlefield 2042 promo art side view
Battlefield 2042 fans aren’t happy about changes to melee animations

The Battlefield community asks DICE to consider adding an option to Battlefield 2042 that allows for classic, first-person melee execution.

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