There is nothing more frustrating for a gamer than trying to show someone a neat trick in a video game, but failing to do so in front of them. The embarrassment grows exponentially when someone tries the same trick, and succeeds almost immediately. That’s exactly the case with the dreamer Mizkif, who couldn’t execute a famous shortcut. super mario 64– That is, until fellow dreamer Emiru got hold of the controller.

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super mario 64 is a third of the somewhat controversial super mario 3d all-stars, Including 2002 super mario sunshine as well as 2007 super mario galaxy, The crux of the controversy behind the title is mainly its limited availability window, with the game only on sale from September 2020 to March 2021. Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo 64 controller support has been added in the recent update, which makes for a much more authentic experience.


The video comes courtesy of Mizkiff’s official TikTok account, which is an especially embarrassing moment if gamers couldn’t tell from the caption. In the clip, Mizkiff is attempting the popular super mario 64 The long jump ladder glitch, which, when done correctly, allows Mario to launch at high velocities and pass through otherwise impenetrable obstacles. After trying several times without success, a frustrated Mizkiff hands over the controller to Emiru. When she questions Mizkiff’s decision to have non-default settings, Emiru makes up for the mess and nails it on her first try, forcing Mizkiff to bury her face in shame.


I don’t want to talk about it… @emiru #mizkif #mizkifclips #fyp #xybca #imiru #twitchstreamer #twitchfail #failed #Expose #sm64 #mario #Sprint

Original Soundboard – Mizkiff

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The hilarious video shows off a very relatable moment for many gamers, and it’s also a positive indicator of MizKiff’s return to streaming. Back in September, Mizkiff announced that he was going on an extended hiatus in the wake of his publicized breakup with another streamer Maya. Mizkiff released a video about his condition at the time, and he was not in the mental or emotional state to continue streaming due to things involving his and Maya’s relationship ending and his moving out.

While it certainly looks like MizKiff has some skills to polish before applying the long jump ladder glitch to speedrunning, popular Twitch streamer and speedrunner Liam recently beat his own. super mario 64 Speedrun record. The well-known speedrunner managed to get all 120 stars in the game and beat Bowser’s final incarnation in an astonishing 1:37:53, surpassing the previous record of 1:38:13. Breaks, which Liam set out to somewhat recently.

While Mizkiff may have been schooled on the popular super mario 64 Long jump ladder glitch exploit, it never hurts to lend a fellow gamer a hand to accomplish something. Mizkif and Emiru may have a hard time using the drums as a controller, which is a super mario 64 The player used to speed up the game.

super mario 64 Available on Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U and Switch.

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