pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Just last Friday were released for Nintendo Switch. Players have started sharing some of these pokemon The game’s bugs and quirks, especially regarding the Pokemon that are following them in the overworld.

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Allowing Pokémon to follow their trainer is a popular feature among fans of the series, and one that made a comeback. brilliant diamond And shining pearl, Unlike in previous games, however, these walking Pokémon can be carried around by NPCs, leading to some hilarious results.


Reddit user mikeloud recently shared a video of a scripted scene from brilliant diamond And shining pearl, in which a member of the villainous group Team Galactic runs away from the player. However, Mikelaud’s ponytail gets in the way of Galactic Grunt, causing Grunt to push it off the screen as he runs. Thus, it appears that the Galactic Grunt has actually stolen the player’s Pokémon, something that the evil team usually fails to do.

team galactic stole my ponytail From
Nintendo Switch

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while the original pokemon diamond And Pearl Pokémon that have the ability to walk, they exist in a very limited capacity. Walking Pokémon was limited to a single area in the game, and only a certain number of Pokémon could follow the player. However, in brilliant diamond And shining pearl, Any Pokémon can follow its trainer through any outer section of the overworld, leading to some unexpected—albeit humorous—consequences, as demonstrated by Mikelaud.

pokemon Fans love to walk with their teammates, and it’s easy to see why. Being able to travel with Pokémon lends more credence to the idea that these creatures are the player’s friends, rather than mind-battling machines. Interacting with Pokémon in the overworld also usually comes with some incentives, such as increasing their friendship stats or giving away free items, adding a nice bonus. Thus, it is no surprise that brilliant diamond And shining pearl Made sure to include this feature, a notable change from their original iterations.

However, many sections of the games weren’t designed with Pokémon only in mind, which can be frustrating for the player. Some have noted that their Pokémon can impede the player’s character’s movement, especially on the narrow cycle paths in the Sinnoh area, or even trap them in small corners. Thankfully, players can “push” their Pokémon to move, or turn the feature off entirely, prevent them from being soft locked, Until Nintendo releases a patch for these issues, fans like Mikeloud may be joking. brilliant diamond And shining pearl, Creating easy laughs for those who enjoyed these much awaited remakes.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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