Take your data with you

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Securely sync your passwords, bookmarks, notes and more across devices using end-to-end encryption.

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Get there faster

Keep your favorite sites just a tap away by adding custom speed dials to the new tab.

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Write down

Capture ideas by taking notes while browsing and sync them securely across your devices.

Take screenshots

Take a full-length screenshot of any website, or take a screenshot of the visible area.

Browsing privately

Keep your browsing history private using private tabs – search queries, visited sites, cookies and temporary files will not be stored by Vivaldi.

Instant search engine switching

Use search engine aliases to quickly change search engines as you type in the address field. For example, enter “d” to select DuckDuckGo or “w” to select Wikipedia.

Other features:

  • Encrypted sync
  • Screenshot
  • Speed ​​dial shortcuts for favorites
  • Notes with rich text support
  • Private tabs
  • bookmark manager
  • Recently Closed Tabs
  • Aliases in search engines
  • Reading mode
  • Clone tab
  • Download Manager